Saturday, May 16, 2020

Space . . .

You were always a crackshot. You were always the ace.
Someone called you a crackpot. Said it right to your face.
It was not the effrontery that made you react;
The assault and the violation of rights.

In this wonderful country you and I live today.
Where we value the freedom which allows us to say,
Though the founders had principles, this can’t be denied.
Nothing’s frozen in time but history.
Who can really see that which the future brings?
Take that next shuttle. Go off to your condo on Mars.

Don’t take your guns to space.
They’ve done sufficient damage to this place.
Don’t take your guns to space.

It’s a volatile topic I’m addressing today.
But I fear to ignore it leaves for us hell to pay.
All the hunters and gatherers kick up such a stink.
Where this path’s gonna lead they dare not think.

We continue to venture into places unknown.
All this knowledge and progress takes us so far from home.
Many say that you must accept the good with the bad.
Seems to me that experience would show
Some things from the past don’t deserve to last.
Take that next step and leave all useless baggage behind.

Our sophistication in the arts and  the sciences can’t be denied.
Still we choose our tribal ways when there’s fear and uncertainty
That we must face. They’re true and tried.

But you still fail to grasp it like some new cosmic star.
Using force  laced with habit, you’re resisting so hard.
You say you got the word from some king high on a throne.
But mysteriously each word he speaks in that kingly tone,
Mighty but all alone, uncannily somehow sounds just like all of your  own.

©2015 Raymond M. Jozwiak
from Just More Music

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