Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Butter . . .

No the butter won’t hurt ‘em.
Oh the butter is fine.
It just makes the bread slide down inside.

An interest in nature;
An interest in god’s great creation;
My only motivation.
Just wanted to feed ‘em.
Just giving the little birds some food;
Prevent emaciation.
That’s when little brother left the table in some haste;
His buttered toast forsaken all alone there on the plate.

Butter with toast is just fine
Whether for fishes or birds or mankind.
A little spice in an otherwise dreary old life
And it ain’t gonna hurt, not a bit.

But never use hot sauce,
Tabasco and no jalapena.
‘Cause just couldn’t take it.
No cayenne or mustard.
No chilies or habanero too.
That wouldn’t sit well with you.
Yes, you must consider how their G.I. systems think.
Sympathize, a little spice can keep you in the pink


©2015 Raymond M. Jozwiak
from Just More Music

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