Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Better . . .

. . . we deserve better . . . 

". . . On April 30, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s 63-page draft of recommended guidelines for opening America leaked to the press. The CDC’s guide, which had already been submitted to the White House, reflected the current state of the science on the coronavirus and how to prevent it from spreading in communities once lockdown measures end. If implemented, it would have offered some of the most precise guidance the public had received since the COVID-19 pandemic began. . . Unfortunately, those recommendations will not be implemented. The guide was shelved by the White House before it was ever officially published, with Vice President Mike Pence’s task force complaining that the rules were restrictive and “overly specific.” The implication here was that the White House wished to avoid anything prescriptive or difficult to implement. And so instead, a much sparer and looser set of CDC guidelines for “reopening” was published online on May 14: “Communities, Schools, Workplaces and Events: Guidance for Where You Live, Work, Learn, Pray and Play.”Ambiguity in these circumstances is not neutral. It is harmful. And we deserve better. . . "

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