Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Trying . . .

Words are all that I have to express
All the things I would like to be able to tell you
But don't quite know how.
Couldn't before and still can't do it now.
During all of this time that's transpired
Little's changed but a lot has occurred in my thoughts
And my feelings for you.
Countless superior intellects have searched for answers.
I never gave it a whole lot of thought.

Until I tried
To let you know how much I feel inside
For you.

I have always believed that it's true .
Very few things I'll ever encounter will be quite
s precious as you.
The magic between us so rare and so new.
Though I'm not one of those that you find
Who has always the need to express to so many
Exactly what he has in mind.
I find I have this burning that's deep down inside me
For words I never needed before.

I can't imagine ever having my life depend upon eloquence
And maybe it doesn't.
But after all this time together it seems long overdue.
And in the end it probably doesn't make a difference in how you feel
If I never say it.

Now I'm daily rehearsing the way
To articulate every syllable nuance
And stress when I say
How much I need to have you here today.
And I won't give it up easily
I suspect that it's just as important to you
As it is now to me.
The words we use themselves have no meaning.
So all the more must I make it right.

Now that I try
To let you know how much I feel  inside.
Until I tried
To let you know how much I feel inside
for you.

Until I Tried

©2015 Raymond M. Jozwiak
from Just More Music