Thursday, April 1, 2021

Tribalism . . .


Mother always told us it's not nice to hate.
She'd been practicing that golden rule for years.
If we'd only treat each other how we want to be ourselves
God will love us.

When I first met you I was quite impressed.
So much more than pretty face among the crowd.
And it didn't happen overnight but the curtain slowly fell
And the colors of your rainbow were revealed.

You are the tribis hippocriticus.
We don't like you,
Just trying to be honest.

From your position of authority on that lofty height.
You looked down, and not across, our great divide.
With a smile upon your face and hands placed firmly on controls,
The truth is evident and there for all to see.

'Cause that's the way we all should be.
We're not islands. 
We're not stones.
And just what will it take
To make you see this truth?

Let me make it so crystal clear just how strongly that I feel 
'Bout the way you take advantage for yourself.
If you took the power devoted to your cold conniving ways
And you simply turned it totally around.

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