Sunday, April 4, 2021

One . . .

. . . thing

Everything really is negotiable,
Though your initial look may betray.
So big and frightening they may appear.
Your dedication and intellect take the day.

There's one thing you have to remember,
You mean so much to me.
That's one certainty.
When concerns become burdens
Please know I'm the one you need to see.
I will always be available,
No matter how far life removes you from me.

There's no necessity for extreme bravery.
All your good qualities I admire.
There's no embarrassment and there's no shame
If you accept someone's helping hand when you tire.

Any other time,
Any other place,
Nothing between us will be any different.
You don't have to hide
Feelings deep inside.
I'm here to help you so please let me try.

You may not understand.
You may not care.
I know you'll realize what's to bear.
I always felt that my responsibility
Is to make sure you find happiness anywhere.

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