Thursday, June 3, 2021

Overweight . . .

 . . . baggage?  I hope not. 

Six AM,
The buses aren't nearly as crowded
As the night before.
Someone said there was
Music and laughter 
Behind all the shutters and doors.
What was all of it for?

Who needs friends?
There's barely a minute for breathing.
Everyone here works so hard.
There's no party.
When I reach my doorstep
I struggle to pull out my key.
Where's the meaning for me?

You see but you're unaware
There's life on the other side.

But there's no bridge to cross.
I'm looking through the fog
For some way out of here.
I've baggage here to toss.

Bless my soul!
I've read about you in the paper.
I've seen your picture somewhere.
When you speak it's in volumes and volumes.
I can't hear a word that you say.
Funny it happens that way.

I've been told 
That envy's the thing I've been feeling
For your kind of work and your play.
But to tell you the truth
That it's only a wish 
For a new kind of day,
When worry and fear melt away.

Could be 
That a day will come
When you just might understand.

I’d like to go away.
And go there to stay.
But I can’t find the way.

So it goes,
But change never really comes easy.
Resistance is felt all around. 
But inevitably something happens
That makes the old ship run aground.
We all stare in awe of what’s found.

Like me you appear to be
Looking for some meaning here.

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