Friday, June 11, 2021

Live . . .

. . . personal performance of a tune from the Black & White Then Back album

The poet said, 'Trailing clouds of glory 
We come and we go.'
What do we really know?
Smiling so brightly 
Betraying the years 
They have yet to try.
Those little men 
With that glory;
Riddles and bedtime stories;
Little men with that glory 
In their eyes.

Innocence and wisdom coexist inside their minds,
Together with appreciation for the things we miss
In our haste and our big business.
Always in awe of the wheels spinning round
And a laugh for the foolish things big men do.

Everybody thinks about the world and what the future brings.
Who really knows the plan and all its subtleties?
We're really smart, at least that's what we think.
Going our own way in blissful retreat
From the prospect of seeing things too clearly.

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