Friday, June 4, 2021

Covering . . .

. . . one of my favorite local musicians . . . 

". . . Intimate, thought-provoking and on occasion, wryly humorous, Doug Alan Wilcox delivers music that will stick in your head - as well as your heart.
Over the years, Wilcox has provided support for or shared a stage with a diverse cross-section of musical talent including Peter Mayer,
Jen Chaplin, L.J. Booth, Stacey Earle, Pierce Pettis, and Peter Case.

“Passionate and insightful....”
“Funky, folky....”

"Doug Alan Wilcox has the soul of a poet and the songs to prove it. He immediately became a favorite guest on the Acoustic Highway.”
- Barry Graham, Folk music producer / WHRV FM

"I was drawn to your authentic soul-filled sound and the lyrics caught me by surprise."
- KD Morris, gallery owner

“Wilcox's honey soaked vocals can exhibit swagger and occasionally a sadness.....”
- Brian Tucker, Bootleg magazine . . . "

Distraction by Doug Allen Wilcox (from Black & White Then Back)

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