Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Where . . .

 . . .  did it go?

On very special occasions,
When celebrating felt right,
This place we’d go to,
With ambience and wine,
On a Saturday night. 
Caricatures hung on the wall
Eavesdropping on our most intimate moments.
“I love you.”

It was essential to go there
To mark the passage of time
Between the dates we used to signify
The bond we shared and to dine.
Always served Angus A-1 prime
To patrons of each and every persuasion.
I loved you.

But now that place is all gone.
Where did our love go?
Where is the ambience and
McCafferty’s piano?

While you eat you’re serenaded 
By some local musician
Playing bad renditions of the popular songs.
You sing along.

And so it ended.
Our passion somehow
Just faded away.
And likewise too,
That place we held diving
Became a dance club today.
The memories come charging in.
Sweet dreams and all the romancing related
Are gone now.

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