Saturday, September 5, 2020

There Ain't . . .


. . . no good guys;  there ain't no bad guys . . . 

(from". . . Michael Forest Reinoehl was shot dead by U.S. Marshals and FBI agents on the evening of September 3, 2020, near Lacey, Washington. Reinoehl, a protester in Portland, Oregon who described himself as an anti-fascist, was a suspect in the killing of right-wing protester Aaron Danielson in Portland five days earlier. According to witnesses police officers approached Reinoehl in unmarked SUVs, at which point Reinoehl drew a weapon, and possibly fired at them. Officers then fired at Reinoehl, killing him. No officers were injured in the incident. . . Reinoehl, 48, lived in Clackamas, a suburb of Portland. He had described himself as a US Army veteran, a professional snowboarder, and an antifascist. Reinoehl's social media accounts showed that he was heavily involved in three months of protest against police violence and racism in Portland. According to Reinoehl, he helped provide security at the protests

(from". . . April Reinoehl, who describes her relationship with brother Michael as "estranged," told NBC News by text message Friday that he had a combatant's world view. . . "He believed that the country is going to war," she said. "He believed the war was here, and look at where that got him; where it got us. Two men are dead. He is one of them. Two families have been thrown into the chaos, and everyone seems more up in arms than ever." . . . She urged peace. . . "We can still choose peace, and we can change the course of things through open communication," the sister said. "Somewhere along the way, I guess Michael lost sight of that.". . . "

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