Sunday, September 6, 2020

Surprise!!. . .

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". . . When Kiesha Davis (a homeless volunteer and city resident) first read what Ivanka Trump wrote about her on Twitter, what struck her most was this: The president’s daughter spelled her name right.“I was just beaming,” Davis recalls of that moment. . . left her feeling as if Trump had really seen her when they met briefly on July 20 at the DC Dream Center. The first daughter and White House adviser was there that day to distribute food from the Agriculture Department’s Farmers to Families Food Box Program. . . . now, more than a month later, she’s not sure what to make of it. . . Then one week passed, followed by another. Davis says she had asked a woman who was with Trump for her contact information, but when she tried calling the number that was written down, it wasn’t working. . . After this column initially published online, White House communications director Alyssa Farah sent this statement about Ivanka Trump’s encounter with Davis: “Ivanka greatly enjoyed the conversation she had with Kiesha on her recent trip spotlighting the Trump Administration’s Farmer’s to Families Food Box Program, so much so that she shared her office’s contact information to keep in touch. Her office has not received any outreach yet but looks forward to reconnecting. We would be honored to host Kiesha for a meeting at the White House and look forward to scheduling a connection soon. We would have been happy to share this with the Washington Post before the [sic] wrote an entire story, had they reached out to the White House for comment prior to publishing.”. . .  It (the White House) puts the responsibility on Davis to call, which she says she tried to do, using a number that was written by hand. She only later realized no one asked for her contact information. I have since agreed, with her consent, to pass on her number to White House staff members. . . she (Davis) considered what she might tell her (Trump). She decided she wanted Trump to know this: “We’re still out in the street. We’re still homeless.” . . . Davis also offered advice to her or anyone with political power who will want to connect with people experiencing hardships in the months leading up to the election. . . . “Hear people,” she said. “See. Hear. And do something to help people, not only in this city but throughout the country. And not just for their votes. Not just to say, ‘We talked to a person,’ and that’s it. Actually do something. Do something to make positive change.”. . . "

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