Friday, September 7, 2018

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The recent funeral services (and accompanying media coverage) for U.S. Senator John McCain, were respectful, appreciative and seemingly non-partisan. 'Seemingly' is the operative word here. Many sources are available that question McCain's actual patriotism, bravery and present contradictions in the details of his life(the devastating fire and explosions that killed 134 sailors on the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal during the Vietnam War). I have always felt that death brings out the most generous forgiveness in we humans; take for example the demise of both Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. 
We can only imagine the 'heartfelt' tributes that will accompany the passing of Henry Kissinger. This can be interpreted as either good or bad. We are each, individually entitled to select those that we admire and choose to remember in longingly reverent fashion. I do however wish that the media would cover the past lives of public figures as actual news stories (i.e., presentations of factual information about accomplishments as well as failures) and not as fawning tributes to the deceased which disregard the latters' humanity, both good and bad. 

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