Sunday, May 2, 2021

Integrity . . .


Fifteen minutes of glory, maybe less.
What I wouldn't give for a chance to confess
All the intimate little secrets;
All my hopes and my desires.
I don't care just how valid you think that they are.
They've been mine for a long, long time
And I'm not ashamed of them.

Shut-up Joe.
How do you really know
What's goin' down?
How can you tell if there's a problem somewhere
That you've found?
We all need to gather round.
Help everybody else to see.
That running your mouth aloud
Makes it that much more difficult
For you and me
And our integrity.

Went to work at the factory at fourteen.
Thought I'd finish my schooling sometime in between
Drunken weekends and feudal street-fights
And the visits to my best girl. 
But the time slipped away. I've got bills here to pay.
I've got small mouths dependent on me.
My vision is limited.

All my life I know I've wanted to say
Something to my fellow man today.
Couldn't let the facts get in the way. 

We weren't that well acquainted. That's the word.
An occasional run-in, we preferred. 
Cause one thing that we both believed in,
Heard it over and over again, 
It was something about all the fondness we felt;
How the heart can't miss what's not around.
The mind doesn't value it.

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