Thursday, February 13, 2020

Whining . . .

. . . a little . . .

Not only do we have to cultivate the seed of ideas and form the words and musical context in which to frame them, we have to either 1. be able to present (perform) the product (composition) or 2. secure the talents of a performer to adequately get the point of the effort across. Then, we must amass the resources and/or master the skills necessary, and invest the time to capture the performance in a medium in order to be able to present the product easily to members of the public (audience, consumers). After that, we must market, post/upload/distribute either physically or digitally the performance product to potential distribution entities and the general music-purchasing public (if we can find them).  And this, all, must be done simultaneously and continually in order to remain vital. I'm not complaining, mind you, but this 'passion' with all of its joy, fulfillment, satisfaction, fun and amusement does involve a substantial amount of 'work'.  

But it is all part and parcel of this . . .
©2016 Raymond M. Jozwiak
(latest "polished" demo version)

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