Sunday, August 4, 2019

Decency . . .

". . . The top leaders of the Washington National Cathedral . . . issued a withering condemnation of President Donald Trump‘s inflammatory and, at times, racist rhetoric. . . . With repeated references to the mid-century hysteria around Communism, in which Sen. Joseph McCarthy stoked vitriol and suspicion in public discourse, three top cathedral officials said President Trump was doing much the same now. . . “We have come to accept a level of insult and abuse in political discourse that violates each person’s sacred identity as a child of God,” reads the . . .  statement, signed by the Revs. Mariann Budde, Randolph Hollerith and Kelly Douglas. “We have come to accept as normal a steady stream of language and accusations coming from the highest office in the land that plays to racist elements in society.”. . . The trio asked, “As faith leaders who serve at Washington National Cathedral — the sacred space where America gathers at moments of national significance — we feel compelled to ask: After two years of President Trump’s words and actions, when will Americans have enough?” . . . Declaring “the time for silence is over,” the statement continues: “What will it take for us all to say, with one voice, that we have had enough? The question is less about the president’s sense of decency, but of ours.”. . . "

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