Thursday, October 4, 2018

Why . . .

. . . don't we simply require our 'elected officials' (of both 'camps') to PROVE 'conspiracy' theories and penalize them if they make an accusation that they cannot substantiate.  This would save the taxpayers (US!!!) much money in wasted time . . . (case in point below)

". . . McConnell said that since Ford’s original letter became public, “a literal mudslide of wild, uncorroborated accusations have poured out.”. . . “This mudslide has been actively embraced, urged on and capitalized upon by Democrats inside this chamber and [by] far-left special interests outside,” he added. . . Despite the allegations, McConnell said again that he plans to hold a final floor vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination in the next few days, and argued that Kavanaugh has “sterling academic credentials” and praised his “widely acknowledged legal brilliance.”. . . "

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