Thursday, October 11, 2018

Once . . .

. . .  again, made America respected???. . .
". . . "We are respected again, I can tell you that. We are respected again," Trump told the naval cadets. "A lot of things have happened. We’re respected again.". . . The evidence — both in nonpartisan polls and in the increasingly critical remarks of exasperated allies — suggests otherwise. . . leaders of long-standing allies like (Japan's President Shinzo) Abe, France’s President Emmanuel Macron, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel and Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May — all initially deferential to Trump and his famous ego — have grown frustrated and at times disapproving. . . Significantly, so have their citizens, increasing the pressure on foreign leaders to distance themselves from Trump’s America. Across 134 countries, the median approval of U.S. leadership dropped 18 points in Trump's first year, to a record low of just 30%, according to a Gallup survey released in January. That was before Trump's decisions to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal and impose tariffs on a number of allies, which further alienated many of them. . .The finding echoed a Pew Research Center survey last year that found in all but two of 37 nations polled, Trump got far lower marks than President Obama; the exceptions were Russia and Israel. . . "In the main, it's a preposterous claim to say the U.S. is better regarded in the world when we haven't had for many decades this many crises with our allies," said Nicholas Burns, a career diplomat under several presidents — serving as ambassador to NATO and Greece and as undersecretary of State — and now a professor at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. . ."

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