Thursday, June 7, 2018

Issue . . .

. . . of tremendous gravity . . .

. . . a non-political organization pulling a political stunt and a president who is preoccupied with professional athletes and a song . . .

". . . Instead of welcoming the Philadelphia Eagles to the White House on Tuesday, President Trump held an event to "celebrate America" and play the national anthem. . . a man in a light-blue shirt is kneeling as the United States Marine Band plays The Star-Spangled Banner. The man. . . applauds and stands as the song ends. . . The playing of the national anthem was followed by brief remarks from Trump, who spoke for about three minutes about the importance of standing for the national anthem. Trump did not mention the Eagles or the NFL in his remarks, but he said the event was “even bigger than we had anticipated.” . . . "

". . . White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders ripped the Philadelphia Eagles in a news conference Tuesday afternoon, accusing the organization of pulling "a political stunt" that she said resulted in the cancellation of a Super Bowl celebration on the South Lawn. . . Sanders claimed that the Eagles tried to reschedule the event to a time when President Donald Trump would be out of the country and later offered to send "only a tiny handful of representatives" to Tuesday's celebration, reiterating claims that she had provided in a written statement earlier in the day. She also blamed the Eagles for the last-minute change and defended the president, who routinely has criticized the NFL. . ."

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