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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Order . . .

". . . Songs rarely play in a randomly determined order; artists and bandmates often agonize over the playlist for weeks or months. . . Think of an album like a movie or a book. Directors and writers order their scenes and chapters in a very specific way to illuminate narrative and thematic content, and in any good film or piece of literature, each section builds off the others so that there’s a satisfying conclusion. . . But . . . it’s not something that calls attention to itself, since each part works together organically to make this seamless whole. . . taking care not to make songs appear one after the other if they are too similar in structure, tone or style. . .the first and last songs of every album—the intro and outro songs, as I’m going to call them—hold special importance. These are the tracks that introduce the listener to the artist’s world and compel you to come back again. . ."  

Ring In The Rightness
from OHO's forthcoming release Gazebo [OHO is Jay Graboski, David Reeve & Ray Jozwiak]

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