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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Here . . .

. . . comes the bride . . . 

". . . “Megyn Kelly Today” is meant to be the final, dazzling piece of Kelly’s multimillion-dollar transmogrification from steely Fox News host to a mushy, hugs-for-everybody, midmorning TV host. . . the experiment is far from successful. . .She interviewed people nervously and so awkwardly that they were cowed into giving monosyllabic answers. She also never missed an opportunity to talk about herself. . . Most of the episode devolved into an intentionally meta hall of mirrors, inviting the audience to admire Kelly as much as Kelly admires Kelly — a morning TV show about the birth of a morning TV show. . . her show will encourage viewers to escape from the awful world, “to laugh with us” (not one genuinely funny thing happened in this first episode), to which Kelly added her wish that viewers will enjoy “a smile, sometimes a tear, and maybe some hope to start your day.” . . . The hour crawled by. A middle segment featured the “Today” regulars welcoming Kelly to 30 Rockefeller Center, a predawn festivity of studied smarm, with the added delight of seeing Kathie Lee Gifford sit in her makeup chair and play nice-nice with Kelly the way an old house cat would welcome a naive and extra-squeaky mouse to the kitchen. Then everyone came to Kelly’s stage to drink mimosas and bask in the NBC-ness of it all. . . the wonderful, hopeful, shallow world of being Megyn Kelly.

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