Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Never . . .

. . . in a million . . . 

. . . Whenever I record a version of a new composition, I like to take the 'skeleton', or some (or most) of the rhythm tracks, duplicate the solo section, then go crazy, either on piano or with several different instruments.  By 'crazy', I mean improvising on the chords of the solo section ad nauseam; after all, this is what I do at the piano for hours at a time when I am home;  and NO, I don't just mean now, because of 'quarantine', I mean ALL the time. . . this is the piano 'crazy' solo version.  I expect to add some instrumental variety next. . .  

Never In A Million
©2020 Raymond M. Jozwiak
(Improvisation on chord changes based upon 'Can't' (or 'Won't' -- not really sure what the title will be)

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