Sunday, March 1, 2020

Tweaked . . .

. . . the mix a bit . . .

Can you hear all that I say
Beneath all clever wordplay?
Don’t think that I’m insulting you
That I don’t want your point of view
Working from limited base
So easily losing your place
Why feign a blatant expertise
With no obvious philosophies?

Do you know
What you want
To accomplish here?
Will you go
To the length you say you will
Or is this just all
Smoke and mirrors?

You may just set precedent
with every signal you’ve sent
Why don’t you learn the protocol
To no longer suffer this at all

Say what you mean if you mean it
Do what you feel in your heart
Make it real when you’re speaking your mind

Impressions churning and spray
Like repairs flowing away
Pushing downstream ferociously
Uprooting each obstacle you see

Smoke & Mirrors
©2019 Raymond M. Jozwiak
the 'hopefully-finished' demo