Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Hunters . . .

. . . and Gatherers . . .

Everyone is searching for the truth
Why and what's the meaning of this life
And are we living proof of anything
Long ago we lost our tribal ways
Centuries have passed so much has changed
But time and time again we think the same
Like hunters and gatherers

Big machines and tiny circuitry
Airplanes buildings bridges fill the sky
Just look what progress brings to you and me
Scientific wonders do abound
Medicines cure many maladies
There's progress all around yet in some ways
We're hunters and gatherers

And after only these few thousand years
We've ceased to look for answers in the sky
We can no longer live with all these lies
So long accepted without asking why

Whether we approve or if we don't
Everything we know and love will change
There's just no way they won't it has to be
Ours is not to run or disbelieve
Time to face the facts don't be deceived
By people clinging to the past
Like hunters and gatherers

Hunters & Gatherers
©2016 Raymond M. Jozwiak
From No Frills

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