Tuesday, February 18, 2020

That Much . . .

Whenever you call me
And I’m not on the phone,
If you have a problem
And you find me at home,
You know you can
Count on me that much.

If you said you need me,
Just a couple days, I’m there.
I’ll drop what I’m doing
If it’s something I don’t care about
You can count on me that much.

Ours is just like one of those fairytales.
Ours is just like one of those shows.
One thing bout our love that’s different;
It’s not a love that grows.

I’ll always be with you
When there’s nothing else to do.
When everyone’s busy
There’ll be only me and you.
It’s clear you can count on me that much.

Would you say it’s all you’ve been hoping for?
Would you really prefer something new?
Where else would you get this much
Attention devoted to you?

So don’t think you’re not special.
You’re kind of special to me.
There’s no one else like you.
Well maybe there’s just two or three.
Be sure you can count on me that much.

That Much

©2003 Raymond M. Jozwiak
from the album Chromatose

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