Sunday, February 9, 2020

Dionysus . . .

. . . Superman and stuff . . .

Should every man yield to the yearning unashamed
Without hypocrisy and wastefulness
Squander the strength he’s been endowed with
Feign superiority as tunnel vision’s all he sees

I’m trying to develop a superman
Dionysus evolving into perfect humanity

Gadding about helping each other get along
Won’t make us build the kind of man I see
Inferiors are weak copies of betters
Printed on bad paper from old and worn-out plates now gone

Selection, survivors mastering
Bettering the species irrespective of
Everything you’ve ever learned
About what’s right or wrong

You hear the word, you’re quoting scripture that you learned
Originating from a deity
But should that motivate your actions?
Such self-serving rewarding scheme
Yours or mine, that’s what both seem

©2020 Raymond M. Jozwiak
(full song with vocal and 'too hot' mic)