Friday, August 9, 2019

Reasons . . .

. . . to support local music . . .

". . . **That guy or girl sitting in their basements writing songs for nobody might just be one of your favorite artists, and you don’t even know it yet. Maybe their music will speak to you on a level that no one else has been able to reach. You’ll never know if you don’t get the opportunity to experience it!
**Wherever there are musicians sharing their love for creating, there is no doubt a community of people supporting them and befriending each other. My own experiences in music scenes have seen bands of all genres sharing the staging, supporting each other’s music, finding places to sleep while out on tour, and genuinely caring for each other. For fans and musicians alike, a thriving scene for local music provides a group of people that are welcoming to anyone.
**Entertainment. Obviously. Why go to the bar and listen to a DJ when you have the option to hear real life instruments and singers playing live? The passion you get from musicians performing provides an altogether different experience than just listen to popular music being played through speakers.
**It makes your city more interesting! In Annapolis, street performing musicians are encouraged to park themselves on a bench, or on a sidewalk, or really anywhere they can accommodate their craft, and provide music for anyone exploring the streets. Doing this creates a great atmosphere and helps people enjoy themselves, even if they are just there to shop.
**If you’re a musician, having an outlet and support can be the most important aspect of succeeding. Everyone feels anxious performing for the first time, or showing a new song off to a friend, so the encouragement can drive them to keep pursuing their passion. That’s one thing our current society needs more of: people happy with what they are doing and pursing something they love. We’d all be a little better off. . ."
***Brewers Alley [124 N Market St, Frederick, MD 21701; (301) 631-0089;]- Songwriter Showcase Concert  7:30PM
Piano Prelude - Ray Jozwiak
3 Songs           - Jazlyn Sligh
Dual Features - Jeff Talmadge
                        - Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus

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