Sunday, August 11, 2019

Eat . . .

. . . it ALL up!  (if that's the extent to which you care. . .)

". . . We have seen much in our day. Crime, poverty, drug abuse, racial discrimination, human trafficking, hate crimes. We have witnessed soldiers marched off to wars, some justified, others not. We have reported on horrible car accidents, serial killings, political corruption, disease outbreaks, air crashes, natural disasters, tragedy heaped on tragedy. But we can’t recall a president of the United States making light of the violent deaths of his fellow Americans. And to make it clear how meaningless those lives are to him, he then, in a breathtaking leap of logic, connected it all to his favorite topic, illegal immigration. . . "

Hidden Agenda

OHO (duo-Jay Graboski & Ray Jozwiak) live in Ocean City, August 2019

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