Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Parade . . .

It’s a parade
A satire for oppression
To oversee dissection
Notoriety; a craving
Never ending ’til it’s quenched
But no sooner than accomplished
Viciously starting all over again

Just what we need
More hatred for a weapon
Follow the lead
Against your own discretion
Try offending this offender
At each opportune moment
Though there’s little chance of succeeding
Save who you can but survivors are few

Sure of your place
Certain of you own infamy
Confident of the position you hold
Should you expand magnanimity to fellow man
Loss of some acolytes
Is a price you suspect
You’re simply not able to pay

Then through it all
In disrepute emerging
You took the fall; a purging
Now the party days are over
You don’t have to check IDs
Hubris took you out with ease

©2019 Raymond M. Jozwiak

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