Saturday, July 7, 2018

Morton 2 . . .

One day, Morton the mantis was feasting upon a sumptuous array of beetles, grasshoppers and crickets when, off in the distance, he spotted what appeared to him to be, a most gorgeous lady-mantis in obvious search for food. This, thought Morton, could be the fulfillment of his every dream. A mate with whom he could share his insect bounty, and maybe even his very future, a prospect for which he always had yearned. The lady-mantis lured Morton with her pheromones. Suddenly, Morton felt an inescapable urge to dance. He danced and danced approaching her ever so closely.  His dance brought him within touching distance of her and he found that she seemed agreeable to his close presence now.  He began, without fully understanding how or why, to climb upon her back as she was much larger than he in size. Then, as conscious thought and action grabbed a backseat and instinct took over, the two became one in a timeless tango of passion and procreation. Then after a period, as females of the mantis persuasion often do, she bit off his head and devoured his corpse for nourishment.

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