Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Cookies . . .

. . . and such . . .

( by Abigail Varnado)
". . . if someone offers you a cookie and you eat it, then it is a consensual act of eating that cookie. If you don’t want to eat the cookie, then you have the ability to say “no” to eating the cookie and to not eat it. If someone forces you to eat the cookie, or if you are not conscious to accept the cookie, that is not a consensual act of eating the cookie, and the person forcing it is in the wrong. . . If someone offers you a cookie, and you are thinking you shouldn’t eat it because you are on a diet or don’t feel comfortable, then don’t eat it. If you eat it anyway, that is still a consensual act of eating the cookie. You chose to eat the cookie. If you regret eating the cookie the next day, it does not count as a non-consensual act of cookie eating. The person offering the cookie cannot read your mind and understand that you are uncomfortable, so he or she is not to blame for your consumption of those calories. . ."

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