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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Writing . . .

I find that these days, I love writing. Writing just about anything, with possibly my favoriite - writing music.  I don't necessarily mean transcribing, or writing down the notes (although I do enjoy that TOO), but I mean composing, working through melodies, chord progressions and many times, lyrics. Somewhere in the mid 80s, I began a creative, yet academic, exercise of writing as many songs as I could.  Being inspired by much of the good pop music of the time, and much encouragement from budding singer-songwriter communities, I was averaging one new song per month.  Maybe no record output, but very satisfactory to me for my own purposes.  Now, in my attempt to capture some old demos (from cassette tapes) to digital, I am discovering many nice memories from the past.

This tune was written purposely to utilize the romantic, simple, trite, english of tin-pan alley plus, expanding my production chops, I decided to perform it in a doo-wop style singing multiple vocal parts acapella.

Here With You

©1990 Raymond M. Jozwiak

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