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Sunday, April 15, 2018

From Deep . . .

. . . inside . . .

Like house and soldiers
Checkers and chess
My heart and soul
Paid dearly their dues
Learning we called it
and learning it was
But I itched to be finished
And to make my own news

Was not really concerned
Of the what and the how
Being preoccupied
With the here and the now
Everyone I encountered
Was informed of my view
No holds barred
I bombarded not few

Now lo many an issue transpired
I have seen countless things
Have lived well was inspired
Maybe you do not know me
From exploits derrynge do
But I've devoted my all
To endeavors unfew
It isn't fatigue or exhaustion I feel
It's just time for the new

Heart Purge Three
©2017 Raymond M. Jozwiak

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