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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

How . . .

. . . it works . . .

". . . Trump railed on Twitter against Democrats . . . noting that his “Tax Cut and Reform Bill” was winning “great reviews.” . . . there wasn’t an actual tax cut and reform bill pending in Congress yet for Democrats to support or oppose. The legislation hadn’t been introduced. . . tweeted that the “approval process” for his tax reform package would soon begin, which, again, is not how Congress works. . . there is ample evidence, that the president of the United States really doesn’t understand the constitutional process, or even American history, much at all. . . at the age of 70 seemed surprised to learn that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. . . there’s the issue of his own election and why he won it. A few years ago, private citizen Donald Trump attacked the Electoral College. . . Shortly after he lost the popular vote to Clinton, and quite unsurprisingly, Trump became a booster of the very same Electoral College, calling it “actually genius,” and claiming falsely to have won the largest Electoral College landslide since Ronald Reagan . . . If he truly understood how the Electoral College worked, and what it was intended to do, which he apparently doesn’t, the president could have made a much smarter argument about his victory: that he in fact won the popular vote in more states (30) than Hillary Clinton did (20). . ."

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