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Monday, March 5, 2018

Crap . . .

art by Ben Rosen

Fred McDoughnut, 2h ago
What is this crap doing on Next Door? No relation to this neighborhood. Hope the leader gets rid of this quickly.

Dear Mr. McDoughnut,
I am deeply sorry to interrupt your happy little bulletin board/trading post. My, obviously erroneous, thought was simply that the Next Door social media website was where local folk would interact with each other in a multitude of ways about a multitude of things.  I only tried to spark a little thought, bring a little levity, and bring some music to the forum. Well, BOY!, was I wrong. I now realize that Next Door is ONLY for discussing endocrinologists, life  insurance, used coffee tables, surveys about using ladders, bogus utility representatives, used wall ovens and king size beds. I most certainly stand corrected by your kind words and diplomatic approach to my such offensive material. My bad! No need to have "'the leader' get rid of this quickly," you need not worry about having to experience it again.  I only have one question for you though, sir. . . do you still beat your wife?

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