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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Dangerous . . .

(from John Adams by David McCullough)
". . . Having attended several of the President's levees, Abigail could attest that the "court" of the Washingtons was as crowded, the company as brilliantly dressed as at St. James's, with the difference that here she thoroughly enjoyed herself. Her "station" at levees, she explained to Mary, was to the right of Mrs. Washington - though this Mary must keep to herself, "as all distinction you know is unpopular." If someone mistakenly stood in her place, the President never failed to see the situation corrected without anyone being offended. He "has so happy a faculty of appearing to accommodate and yet carrying his point that is he was not really one of the best intentioned me in the world, he might be a very dangerous one. . . "

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