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Thursday, August 3, 2017

True. . .

. . . colors . . . 

. . . when I finally escaped what I perceived to be the 'land of make-believe' and graduated from college, I told practically everyone I knew that I would never go back to school, ever.  About five years later, I went back to school. Call it maturity. Call it wisdom. Call it pragmatism, but I re-entered the world of academia in pursuit of a Masters Degree (in business administration, in fact) about five years later. Never regretted it. I began to see the beauty in higher education.  I also realized that I actually have a desire to learn, something I still possess. But being involved in business, since the 'music' business is so frequently insufficient to provide adequately for a family, my higher education was quite useful. But academically speaking, an irony that became evident during this period is that no matter how much someone (someone being a 'worker' within an organization) complains about the antics of a superior (within their own workplace), when (and IF) they attain a position of supervision or management, they actually engage in conduct far more extreme than those of which they originally complained.  In other words, they show their true colors . . . 

True Colors

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