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Friday, August 4, 2017

One Way? . . .

(from 1,000 Lashes; Because I Say What I Think by Raif Badawi [Edited by Constantin Schreiber and Translated by Ahmed Danny Ramadan)
". . . Many of those who judge liberalism are ignorant about what it really means. They try to advertise liberalism as a line of thinking that rejects religion, somehow suggesting liberalism is a religion of its own. This cannot be further from the truth. . . Many of these people are reluctant to accept anything modern. They loather anything that gives humans their right to freedom. They fear this will pull the carpet from underneath the clerics, whose sole trade is in buying people's minds. They continue to promote liberalism as moral decay and degeneration. . . "

. . . Not unlike our Hannities, Coultors and Limbaughs. . .

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