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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Hurry . . .

. . . Some folks are just plain restless.  They bore easily.  They are unsatisfied with many things within their own life as well as things in the world as a whole. Many times these folks are truly just plain brilliant and go on to accomplish wonderful things for mankind. Sometimes, not so. I am not, by nature, restless. In fact, I can be quite complacent at times. There was a time however, when I felt so very restless that it was severely affecting my attitude. When I was approaching the end of my college career, I found myself eager to get on with a 'real' life in the 'real' world. This was actually a phrase that I used frequently to express my frustration with what began to feel like some kind of make-believe world, or role-playing exercise. I simply wanted that chapter to end and to get on with career, personal pursuits and the rest of it. I have not regretted the decisions I have made since that time and I now find a deeper understanding of what I was feeling then.  But also with hindsight, comes an appreciation for those (relatively) responsibility-free days of being young and being a student. . .

Hurry Up and Wait
©2017 Raymond M. Jozwiak

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