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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Entertainer . . .

"You certainly can't make a living at THAT?!" . . . or words to that effect were spoken, not unkindly-just instructively, by my Mother sometime during my mid-teens when the possibility of my undertaking musical performance as a full-time career was being considered. . . And I knew (thought?) she was correct. Hindsight being twenty-twenty, maybe that's what I should have done. Hard work, no doubt. Lucrative, NO! Fulfilling, well. . . what do you think?  Believe me, I have absolutely no regrets.  It's just a day-dreamy premise that crosses my mind occasionally when I think too much.  I must say in hindsight, that at the time, I had nowhere near the confidence required to undertake such an endeavor.

The Entertainer

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