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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Burning . . .

Do you mean you were just lying there?

Out of reach of anyone who cares

They have bound you with their loving arms

In the distance I still hear you sound the alarm

Can you see yourself more clearly now?

As if you stepped out of a cloud

Beginning when it seems to end

Above below merging

Your mind doesn't feel

Your fingers don't think

Your eyes do not touch

While the heartbeat goes skipping away

It's now and then you're living

While you wait start the giving

Prove it it's always there

Burning grey without its flare

Obligated but one hand is tied

Constant chattering within your mind

How to leave it no one cares

To hear the silly language spoken there

There's a love that empties its own veins

As they spend they fill up again

The flow traffics through eternity

Carries on in all purity

Now you feel and you think

You see and you touch

With a matrix that springs from your heart

To your hands through your head

Burning grey

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