Friday, April 28, 2017

Intermingling . . .

. . . fact and FICTION . . . 

". . . Donald Trump just threw his “proof” out the window by admitting that the Esquire interview came after the war started, which means that one Trump’s key talking points on foreign policy are by the candidate’s own admission a lie. . . Trump tried to wipe away his admission by claiming that it’s all the same thing, but there is a huge difference between opposing the war after it began, which a lot of people did once they realized that they had been lied to, and opposing the war before it started. . . It has gotten to the point where Donald Trump can’t keep his own lies straight. The Republican nominee tries to plaster over the gap between the facts and his fictions, by claiming a false equivalency. . . The facade is crumbling. Trump has another week to go before the first presidential debate, and the cracks are beginning to show. . . A man who so easily intermingles fact and fiction that he doesn’t care if keeps his own lies straight can’t be trusted to occupy the White House. . . "

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