Thursday, February 27, 2014

Upcounty . . .

(Okay, so the picture is truly superfluous - EXCUSE ME!!!)

Just heard about these guys.  I like them.  (It doesn't hurt, of course, that my brother will soon be their steel guitarist.  GO JOHN!!!!)

About The Up County Band
The Up County Band
Hometown: Dundalk, MD
Genres: Country / Alt.Country / Americana
Members: Joe Kurek- lead vocals, guitar, harmonica, Nick "Sterling" Stricklin-Lead guitar, vocals, Sean "Bon" Gurney-Bass guitar, vocals, Dave Voss-Drums

We are The Up County Band! We are a country/rock band from the Baltimore area. We are an up beat, in your face, loud and proud country act ... This ain't ya Daddys country! We write all of our own original music, and perform a wide variety of covers, new and old. We love performing covers for the fans but we pride ourselves in our own originals. Thinking outside the box, while staying true to your roots is important to us, so that we are able to create a diverse collection of new unique country music. If you come to see us live, expect to see a fast paced, loud, honky-tonk style show. Our fans have come to know us on stage as the bunch of redneck goofballs that we are. We'll be laughin', drinkin', and shakin' our asses up there and we expect the same from our fans ... we're up there havin' the time of our lives and we want to share it with you. So, check out our tunes, and videos, become a fan, like us on face book, and stay in touch with us so we can see ya out at the next show! Later y'all!

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