Friday, February 7, 2014

Life . . .

. . . is a musical.

That's what I used to tell my kids when something occurred that reminded me of a song.  Like one would complain about rainy weather, to which I would respond with a musical 'Here comes the sun. . . doo 'n doo doo. . . ' Or a younger one might be pestering his older sibling, a situation in which I would offer comfort to the older by singing, 'Mama said there'd be days like this. . .'  Well, you get the picture.

Now mind you I'm not really a very big fan of the typical Broadway musical where characters frequently break into corny songs in the middle of the 'action.' Some are, of course, more appealing to me than others depending upon the composer, the subject matter etc.  And I've even been told that some of my original music reminds various people of show-tunes, an observation to which I do NOT object.  There are only 12 notes in our western musical system you know.

But back to life. . . waiting for one of life's most mundane, and to some even one of life's most feared experiences, my six-month dental checkup, its (life, that is) musical connection revisits me in all its unadulterated truth.  My dentist is also, in fact, a musician. . .

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