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1957 Raymond Michael Jozwiak is born at Church Home & Hospital, Baltimore, MD

1962 Raymond Michael Jozwiak enters the 1st grade at Our Lady of Fatima School, Baltimore, MD

1963 Raymond Michael Jozwiak begins accordion lessons at the Accordion Institute of Maryland

1972 Raymond Michael Jozwiak joins the band Reflection to play part-time at private functions

1978 Raymond Michael Jozwiak earns his Bachelor of Science degree from Towson State University

1979 Raymond Michael Jozwiak and Pamela Ann Statter marry

1983 Raymond and Pamela buy their first house (in Towson)

1984 - 1990 Raymond and Pamela bring three, extraordinary young men into the world

1985 Raymond Michael Jozwiak trades in his Farfisa Fast 4 and Leslie 145 tone cabinet for his first, (a Wurlitzer, studio upright) piano

1998 Raymond Michael Jozwiak trades in his Wurlitzer, studio upright piano for a Kawai baby grand

2014 Raymond Michael Jozwiak releases 2014, a cumulative, musical distillation of elements from every human, intellectual, emotional and musical experience of his life to date, performed on acoustic, grand pianoforte

My Mystery
©2013 Raymond M. Jozwiak
from '2014'
available April 8, 2014 at

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