Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cognitive . . .

. . . dysfunction . . .

I am not old by today's standards, being in my late 50s.  People my age do, though, tend to begin thinking about things that do not generally preoccupy 20-somethings.  I mean things like mortality, legacy, beneficence and health- both physical and mental.

Pam and her friend recently had a discussion about one of those topics.  The friend was explaining that she has set a retirement date and needs to do that sooner rather than later because she feels that she just doesn't have the 'brainpower' to continue to function in her professional capacity in an optimum manner.  Pam, sympathizing of course, offer the suggestion of consulting some reading material which she had recently encountered.  She said that her friend should google 'cognitive dysfunction'. Her friend, betraying some interest in the topic asked, "what is cognitive dysfunction' to which Pam responded, "Actually, I don't remember. . . "

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