Sunday, November 10, 2013

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(from The Hidden History of 9-11, Edited by Paul Zarembka)
". . . On of the gravest omissions from the Commission Report concerns the sworn testimony of Department of Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta on May 23, 2003.  Mineta's testimony throws crucial elements of the Commission's narrative into doubt. 

Here are the key passages from Mineta's testimony regarding his memories of the actions of Vice President Dick Cheney in the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC) bunker on the morning of September 11, 2001:

Mineta: during the time that the airplane coming into the Pentagon.  There was a young man who had come in and said to the vice president, "The plane is 10 mils out," the young man also said to the vice president, "Do the orders still stand?"  And the vice president turned and whipped his neck around and said, "Of course the order still stand.  Have you heard anything to the contrary?"

. . . Though Mineta makes clear that he did not hear a shoot-down order given that morning, and therefore could not confirm that the conversation between Cheney and the young aide regarded such an order, Commissioner Hamilton nevertheless assumes that the "order" discussed by Cheney and the young aide was in fact shoot-down order. . .

. . . Further evidence of an orchestrated cover-up of this information comes from the fact that videotape of Mineta's testimony has been excised from the Commission's video archive. . . "

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